Welcome to Remote Viewing Enterprises.

Ethical principles

The actions of a human being have inevitable effects on the lives of other living beings. By adhering to certain basic ethical principles, a harmonious and fair cooperation is possible.

This stance is also valid for us as an institute as well as for Remote Viewers. The selection of orders and the handling of the compiled information is carried out according to clearly defined guidelines.



We work to the best of our knowledge and belief according to the following principles:

1. Technical expertise & continuous learning

Each remote viewer is continuously in training in order to compile the best possible purity of information. To achieve this goal, continuing education and development are important components in our institute.


2. Human expertise

Each Remote Viewer is prompted to use his ability and the retrieved information exclusively for the well-being of his fellow men and the environment.


3. Excluded orders and information researches

We do NOT deal with the following TOPICS:

Pharmaceutical industry The military Religion Criminology
Missing people Murder Accident perpetrator Death
UFO's Aliens Disasters Distress
War, Crisis areas Diseases Mystic prophecies Negatively minded companies

Nothing that can or could physically or mentally endanger a viewer.


4. Confidentiality & Silence

All compiled information will be treated confidentially and transmitted only to the client.


5. Collaboration & Cooperation

We only deal with the following TOPICS:

Economic information Product developments Market analyses Stability-enhancing information

Information that guarantees stability and security.